Dates & Fees

Feldenkrais Method Practitioner Training NZ5
1a Northcote Rd,  AUCKLAND,  New Zealand 

The programme administrator welcomes enquiries regarding the following information    
Scholarships and payment options available
This programme is now full. Please enquire about the next programme NZ6 due to start late 2019

Days Segment/Trainer
2015 9 - 23 September 12 Stephanie Spink
2016 16 January – 3 February 15 Petra Koch
2016 9 - 24 June 13 Stephanie Spink
1 - 11 February
16 - 26 February
Zoran Kovich
Jeff Haller
1 - 12 July
15 - 26 July
Larry Goldfarb
Susan Hillier

2018 14 February - 11 March 20 6 Julie Peck, S Spink
2018 8 August - 2 September 20 7 Stephanie Spink
2019 20 February - 17 March 20 8 Jerry Karzen
2019 22 June - 17 July 20 9 Stephanie Spink
Total 160


Scholarships Available for distance travel, disability, financial hardship. Please enquire 
Annual discount $250 +gst per annum deducted for payments made a year in advance when paid in full before the start of the training year. Available each year.
Trainee Fees Vary according to number of days / segment length as above.
Reservation No charge.
You may request a place to be reserved for 3 weeks from the date of your expression of interest. This gives you time to make an application.
Application fee NZ $100 +gst accompanies the training application.  $50 of this amount is credited to segment 3 as in the table above.* If your application is denied or enrolment is closed, your fee will be returned.
Training Deposit NZ $900 +gst is paid upon both parties signing the training contract. This sum is credited to segment 9 as in the table above**
Practitioner fee $50 +gst per day.
Practitioners who refer trainees will receive complementary days attendance.


Trainees are encouraged to discuss their financial situation with the Administrative Director if it would cause any impediment to participating. Arrangements can be made to ensure that the programme is viable for all concerned.

Visitors, guests and potential trainees are welcome and must book attendance in advance. Upon agreement with the administrator, there is no charge for up to 3 days' attendance.

Trainees from other programmes visiting a previous segment - half fee
Make up trainees from other programmes                           - full fee

This programme will offer curriculum study groups for practitioner development outside of training hours.