Feldenkrais Method® Teacher/Practitioner
International Training Programme

Train in New Zealand with internationally certified Feldenkrais Method® Trainers

Training NZ6 runs in segments through to January 2026

Visitors welcome to the programme to experience this extraordinary modality. 

Enquiries accepted for our next training planned to start 2025/26 (city tbc)

Learn to teach group classes Awareness Through Movement® 

Learn to facilitate embodied, mindful learning for groups and individuals. Authorisation to teach group classes using the Trade Marks is conferred May 2024, enabling you to expand your learning through the experience of teaching.

I have been going to Feldenkrais classes for over 20 years now. They have helped me in many ways, making everyday activities easier, such as rolling over in bed, walking with ease, carrying on with my work which involves fine control. The Feldenkrais Method® is really good for me and it's endlessly revealing.
Lisa Ritchie (Wellington)

Learn to teach individuals Functional Integration® (FI)

Learn to facilitate embodied learning for individuals with specific interests and needs. You will personally experience many FI lessons given by experienced teachers. These lessons are incorporated free as an integral part of your training as a Feldenkrais Method® teacher.

The point of my work is to lead to awareness in action
       Moshe Feldenkrais, Mind and body, 1980

Dr Susan Hillier PhD & Zoran Kovich, M.Sc.  Educational Directors
Both of your Co-Educational Directors are internationally certified Feldenkrais Trainers, experienced in designing and teaching Feldenkrais Method training programmes.

Beverley Barclay Pointon, B.A.   Administrative Director
A certified Assistant Trainer since 2015, Beverley will be present with you at all your training segments.
 Learning through movement - a satisfying process for exploring life’s curious questions