Training Programme

The most important pre-requisites for enrolling in this training are:

  • an inquiring mind open to new perspectives
  • a sincere willingness to learn through experience

  • direct experience doing Awareness Through Movement® classes, or Functional Integration® lessons, or both, with a fully qualified Feldenkrais Method® teacher.
    We encourage you to experience the method first-hand prior to enrolling.
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The Programme
Benefits of participating in a Feldenkrais training are numerous and often surprising. 
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We have designed a curriculum that fosters you developing the confidence, necessary knowledge and skills to practise the Feldenkrais Method(R) as a competent Feldenkrais(R) Practitioner.
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Teaching Team
Educational Directors and Trainers - Susan Hillier & Zoran Kovich (Australia)
Trainers - Stephanie Spink & Julie Peck (Australia) & Scott Clark (London)
Assistant Trainer and Programme Administrator - Beverley Barclay Pointon
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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand 2020 - 2023
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Dates & Fees
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Year 1, 2020 : 10-29 June, then 9-27 September
Year 2, 2021 :   4-22 January, then 30 June - 25 July
Year 3, 2022 : 10 January - 4 February, then 18-29 June, then19-30 September
Year 4, 2023 :   4-29 January, then 1-26 July
Plus online work interspersed between segments
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After the successful completion of two years training, trainees will be able to teach Awareness Through Movement® classes to the public as a trainee teacher.

Graduation as a full practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® comes in July 2023 after all on-site and home study training requirements are met and the successful completion of all curriculum requirements.
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