Inquiries invited now for the training programme starting 10 June 2020

The most important pre-requisites for enrolling in this training are:

  • an inquiring mind open to new perspectives
  • a sincere willingness to learn through experience

  • direct experience doing Awareness Through Movement® classes, or Functional Integration® lessons, or both, with a fully qualified Feldenkrais Method® teacher.
    We encourage you to experience the method first-hand prior to enrolling.
    Please contact the training organiser to direct you to a Feldenkrais Method® practitioner if required admin@feldenkrais-training.nz  or 021 293 6740
  • Training modules require many consecutive days of face-to-face participation, and each training day is typically 5-6 hours in duration. Engaging in processes of embodied, mindful learning over sustained periods of time can be highly stimulating. However, it can also be perturbing. We have set in place ways of providing support as you learn to skilfully pace yourself -- physically, mentally and emotionally. When applying for enrolment please inform us of your state of health.


People are motivated to do a Feldenkrais Method® training for a variety of reasons:

·         to enhance their already matured profession: health, teaching, performance etc

·         to start a stand-alone Feldenkrais Method® professional practice 

·         to nurture their own personal growth

·         to be able to assist their children, family or friends

·         to be amongst people who share like aspirations

·         to be of service to their community, or profession

·         for the sense of aliveness and vitality that embodied, mindful learning engenders

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of experience is an invaluable ally to learning. It is also an essential ingredient of this training programme.
As a trainee you bring to this programme the distinct knowledge and values of the communities in which you live and work. Through our ongoing interactions, spanning more than three years, we will learn much from one another as we converse, observe, touch, and reflect on the nature of being human and acting humanly.  

 We are committed to accepting a diverse range of people, respecting and honouring race, gender, marital or family status, age, religion, belief.....

We acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand's multi-cultural place in the world.
Many principles of the Feldenkrais Method and Maori culture are woven together as an integral part of the curriculum e.g.
collaborative learning,
respect for elders,
manaakitanga / care,
time /space,
whanaungatanga / relationship,
lineage / whakapapa
...and more.
Applicants from beyond New Zealand’s shores are most welcome.

Every applicant will be given full consideration.