You will graduate from this training program as a full practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® after satisfactorily completing all curriculum requirements. Generally, these requirements include demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary to foster embodied, mindful learning effectively:

  • for yourself using Awareness Through Movement® lessons as a personal practice
  • with individuals and groups using Awareness Through Movement® classes / lessons
  • with individuals using Functional Integration® lessons

Other requirements for graduation include:

  • all attendance requirements have been met
  • all monies have been paid

The Trade Marks Awareness Through Movement®, Functional Integration® Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method® and the logo® will be available to you in New Zealand if you decide to become a practitioner member of the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild (NZFG). Other countries will have their own regulations about use of the Trade Marks.

 For New Zealand practitioners, ongoing certification by the NZFG is required annually.

In New Zealand, opportunities to participate in continuing education are provided through the support of the NZFG. Practitioners are also eligible to participate in continuing education overseas.

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