Dates & Fees

Feldenkrais Method (R) Practitioner Training NZ6
1a Northcote Rd,  AUCKLAND,  New Zealand 

The programme administrator welcomes inquiries regarding the following information    
Payment options

ALL DATES, FEES, VENUES & TRAINERS ARE to be confirmed in August 2022 - the programme is being reconstructed to enable online, onsite, hybrid and localised hubs.

The table below is now out of date.

Year Dates including 2 rest days after every 5 days training Fees
GST excl

Weds 5 January - Sunday 23 January

11 - 22 May


Susan Hillier &
Zoran Kovich  
Julie Peck
2022 07 - 25 September
Zoran Kovich

04 - 22 January

10 - 21 May


Susan Hillier

Scott Clarke
2023 6 - 24 September (ATM teacher graduation)
2700 6
Zoran Kovich

03 - 21 January
2700 7
Susan Hillier
2024 10 - 21 May1800 8
Stephanie Spink
2024 4 - 22 Sept27009
Zoran Kovich
Dates to be confirmed (20 days)


Scholarships Available for distance travel, disability, financial hardship if attendance would not be otherwise possible. Please inquire 
Annual discount $250 +gst per annum deducted for payments made a year in advance when paid in full before the start of the training year. Available each year.
Trainee Fees Vary according to number of days / segment length tbc
Reservation No charge.
You may request a place to be reserved for 3 weeks from the date of your expression of interest. This gives you time to make an application. Acceptance may be limited due to Covid spatial requirements. Granting entrance into the programme is strictly in order of application, along with any wait list.

Application fee NZ $100 +gst ($115) is to accompany the training application.  This amount is credited to segment 3 as in the table above*.
If your application is denied or enrollment is closed, your fee will be returned.
Segment Retainer
If a trainee is granted leave of absence to make up missed time in another training programme, a 20% retainer fee will be charged by FANZ for the NZ6 segment missed.
Practitioner fee NZ$ 50 +gst per day OR FI giving for experienced practitioners and Assistants. Please inquire.
Practitioners who refer trainees will receive complementary days/ hours attendance.


Trainees are encouraged to discuss their financial situation with the Administrative Director if it would cause any impediment to participating.
Arrangements can be made to ensure that the programme is viable for all concerned, such as extended timeline for payments, automatic payments and scholarships.

Visitors, guests and potential trainees are welcome and must book attendance in advance. Upon agreement with the administrator, there is no charge for the first day's attendance.

Trainees from other programmes visiting a previous segment - half fee
Make up trainees from other programmes  - full fee